A History of Midland Smash Repairs


Midland Smash Repairs was one of the first panel shops to open in the Midland area. We commenced business in 1961, with a staff of three. Back then the workshop was located directly across the road from Midland’s original railway station, at 56 Railway Parade. This area, around the station and Town Hall, was the hub of the town.

Our service included towing damaged vehicles from the accident site. Vehicles commonly collected by the Midland Smash tow truck were Hillman, Humber and Vauxhall.

In those days vehicle bodies were constructed entirely of metal and most damage was repaired; body panels were beaten back into shape. Even the chrome moulds down the side of a vehicle would be repaired then sent away to be re-chromed. Equipment was limited to, brute strength, and a good tape measure.

Midland Smash has grown over 52 years, along with the industry, in both size and complexity.

In 1989, a new workshop was built at Runyon Road Midvale. This facility was expanded in 2007 to accommodate our current premises.

As cars have become more sophisticated, the industry has become more reliant on technology. Midland Smash Repairs has always been determined to remain abreast of the technology wave. Our most recently built facility is equipped with the best and newest equipment available.

Over the past few years an important part of our focus has been to improve our eco-credentials.

Of course, equipment is only half the story. Talented people are needed if the best results are to be obtained from any tools. We are as proud of our staff as we are of our facility. They are all very experienced and receive specialist training pertinent to their area of expertise.

Midland smash has been a family owned business since its inception, over 50 years ago, and we are proud to have the 3rd generation on board.


The Team

Paul Smith - Director

Paul Smith


Margaret Smith - Reception

Margaret Smith


Lachlan Smith - Invoicing

Lachlan Smith


Chris Westall - Estimating

Chris Westall


Rosemary - Reception