Frequently Asked Questions


What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are shown on the Contact page of our website


What does the Car Craft badge mean?

It gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being repaired by a quality repairer. Car Craft established in 1987, is a co-operative of quality body repair businesses. Not all smash repair business can get the Car Craft badge. Businesses who display the Car Craft badge meet Car Craft’s stringent criteria:

  • Professionally run business
  • Equipment to repair vehicles correctly
  • Correct methods of repair
  • Quality of workmanship (regularly audited)
  • Good reputation within the industry

All Car Craft members operate with fair and reasonable charges that reflect our investments in our processes, procedures and staff. This commitment to excellence in equipment and staff involves costs which most insurers accept as normal business practice designed to provide the best customer service and quality repair for each of our clients.


Do you work for all insurance companies?

Yes we are able


What information will I need to give my insurer when lodging a motor vehicle claim?

When you lodge a motor vehicle insurance claim you will need to provide the following information from you and from any other parties involved:

Date and time of the accident

Make and model of the vehicle

Vehicle’s registration number

Driver’s and owner’s name(s)

Driver’s licence number

Insurance company for the other parties involved

Location of the accident

Whether police attended and any incident report number that you may have been given.

Once you have lodged your claim, you will be allocated a claim number, which we will require.


Do you offer hire cars?

No we do not. Some insurers offer a free hire car with their policy at an additional premium.


How long will it take to fix my car?

While we have a good idea of the repair time frame, it is difficult to commit to exact times. Delays occur. Staff absentees create delays; parts supply can be an issue as can, incorrectly supplied or damaged parts. If it is a large repair, it is not always possible to see all of the damage until the repairs have commenced. The last part of the repair is the mechanical component including wheel alignments, air conditioning re-gassing and electrical repairs or resetting. There may be issues with any of these. Sometimes sub-contractors are required and we have no control over their scheduling.


Will the colour match?

We endeavour to get the colour as close as possible to perfect. The newer the vehicle, the better the chances of this is. Plastics on vehicles such as bumpers, door handles, skirts, spoilers and mouldings are more difficult to match. Difference is colour can occure between plastic and metal parts even when they are painted at the same time. Using the same paint. This is caused by the fundamental differences in the surface properties of the two substrates. Check out some cars in the local car dealer, you will notice some differences, even tho the car is new. At Midland smash we paint your car in waterbase paint, the same as the manufacturers. This ensures the closest possible match in colour and finish.


Can I choose my own repairer?

Yes. Most insurers will offer you choice of repairer even if they have their own recommended repairers.


Can I claim against the other party’s insurer?

Yes, but this can cause delays for many reasons. If the accident was clearly the fault of another party, you will have a strong claim but it is always a smoother process to claim through your own company and let them make the counter claim. Proceeding through your own insurer is usually more convenient and time effective for you as your insurer is working directly with you and your repairer. In dealing with a third party, you may not have the same flexibility in choice of repairer and in having the repairs carried out in a timely fashion.


At the scene of an accident, can I insist that my vehicle is towed directly to you?

Yes. Most towing companies have the ability to access our holding yard or can contact us directly. U can call Swan Towing on 92744544, or Ezy Tow on 0404994233.


After I have taken delivery of my vehicle, what do I do if a problem arises?

If a problem arises or you have a concern, contact us immediately. While we hope this never happens, we will be more than happy to address the issue or contact your insurer on your behalf.


Do I have to report my accident to the police?

If the total damage to all property exceeds $3,000 or there is personal injury then the accident must be reported to the police. This can be done online at


How long will it take you to do a quote on my car?

If the vehicle is drivable, we will take about 10 minutes of your time to get enough detail to start the process. You can then carry on about your business while we complete the process.


If I make a claim will I lose my no claim bonus?

As a rule of thumb, if you are not at fault and supply the name and address of the responsible party you won’t be charged an excess or lose your no claim bonus. However, this is not always the case. If your insurer is not certain as to whether or not the claim is recoverable, an excess may apply and there may be some loss of no claim bonus. This could be permanent if the costs are not recovered. If costs are recovered, the excess will be refunded and your no claim bonus will be reinstated.


What if I have an excess?

Your excess is payable on completion of the repair. Unfortunately the vehicle will NOT be released until the excess is paid. Due to many instances of people promising to bring the money the next day etc. and not doing so, there are absolutely NO exceptions. On rare occasions, the vehicle may be ready and taken without a part that may not be available at the time. All excesses must still be paid. The excess is the first amount of the account not the last. Collecting excesses is like collecting taxes, we would prefer not to do it. Unfortunately, the insurer deducts the excess from our account.


How can I pay my excess?

We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, Cash or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). We do not accept American Express, Diners Club or cheques.


What environmental measures do you have in place?

At Midland smash we paint all cars in water base paint, rather than solvent. This means lower VOC’s are released into the atmosphere. All our waste cardboard and plastic is recycled.


Can we handle fleet clients?

Yes, we can handle repairs for your fleet. We understand how critical it is to your business that your fleet and commercial vehicles are back on the road in the shortest possible timeframe. We have a longstanding relationship with a number of our existing fleet and commercial clients. We believe their ongoing repeat business demonstrates their satisfaction with the speed and efficiency of our repair and refinishing services.