Major Collision Repairs


Pre-release quality checks are carried out on all vehicles to ensure road-worthiness!

Major repairs are a cause for concern to the vehicle owner. You need to be assured that your vehicle, four wheel drive or SUV is being repaired by highly qualified and experienced technicians using equipment which is approved by car brands such as BMW, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar, GMH, and Chrysler to name a few. Not all vehicle repair facilities are equipped to carry out major repairs. At our repair shop you can be guaranteed that our technicians are trained in technique and are trained in advanced welding practices and are capable of putting your vehicle back to manufacturer’s specifications.


Car-O-Liner We have at our facility Car-o-liner’s Bench Racks. In conjunction with the Bench Racks we use Car-o-liner’s Vision Electronic Measuring System. This is operated using Bluetooth signals and links vehicle measure points under and over body to a computerised measuring device, allowing our technicians to constantly monitor key dimensions during the repair process. This is essential for all major damage repair, especially for Four-Wheel Drive/ S.U. Vehicles, Car-o-liner vision electronic measuring systems gives us the capability to print out before and final body measurements ensuring peace of mind that repaired vehicle is back to pre-accident specifications. We have two Bench Racks allowing us to quickly process multiple vehicles at the same time.

Car-o-liner Spot Welder