Rapid Repair Facility for Minor Damage


Our rapid repair facility means we can provide fast turn-around times while maintaining quality workmanship. These two concepts are usually oppositional, however our robotic infra-red Gas Arch curing means that your vehicle can be continuously worked on, minimising idle-time and reducing the time it takes to get you back on the road.

While traditional spray booths require a bake time of 40 minutes to cure final paint applied, the paint still will not be fully cured and the vehicle will not be ready for fit up until the following day. The technology we employ means it will take a mere 8 minutes to complete the same process. By far the biggest advantage, though, is that during this robotic process the paint is fully cured, so your vehicle is ready for fit up within minutes. This creates the possibility of quick turnaround times. In matters relating to quality the robotic infra-red Gas Arch process combined with Sikkens water based paint means the closest possible match to factory finish. For more information on our Sikkens paints, click here.


Same Technology as Used By McLaren

We use the same technology and paints as McLaren. Using the infra-red Gas Arch method of curing paint means we can lower our emissions by up to 80% compared to emissions from traditional spray booths and this is good news for our environment.

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Photos of Our Paint Department

Infra-red Gas Arch Infra-red Gas Arch Paint Shop Floor Area