Sikkens Eco-Logical Paint Products


A world-class leader in automative paints

At Midland Smash Repairs we use Sikkens water-based base paints. This is a premium European (more specificity) ecological paint that has a low impact on the environment. This paint is compliant with European VOC standards which greatly exceed current Australian Standards requirements. VOC’s are volatile Organic Compounds that form gases at room temperature. When VOC’s are released into the atmosphere they react with ultraviolet light and nitrogen oxides to form ground level ozone and smog. Sikkens water-based paint releases less VOC’s into the atmosphere meaning a reduced impact on the environment.

Product use in vehicle painting is of great importance. With vehicle manufacturers trying to get a competitive edge with special effects and pearl coats, matching original colour and grain type is made challenging for vehicle painters. We choose to use Sikkens Axo-noble as our paint partner. Through this partnership we have available a huge data base of colour and have matching capability via spectro digital camera. The data is updated continually with new colour variants.